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domingo, septiembre 16

Just love she

I called you up without any advance notice 'cause the weather was nice
You stood me up, who do you think you are?!
I know you chased after me, I deserve more than that!
*JUST LOVE! God, I hate it!
I'm mean to you, only 'cause I have a crush on you
JUST LOVE! 'Cause I'm very attracted to you
I always say impossible things to you
I guess, I sorry......

Today I ran from your arms as you were taking me to dinner
Starving I went home to wait for a souvenir

How could I, be so naive, defy you? Now it hurts to meet your gaze.
Starving I went home to wait for a souvenir

JUST LOVE! Because only a little of
The brightness remains in my eyes, I'll never forgive you!
JUST LOVE! Because what I keep in my heart
Should not taste so bitter should it?

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